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Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic in Co. Monaghan
Focused Treatment for focused Individuals

  Exercise Classes at your Office  

What is it?

For ultimate convenience, Physioworks can visit your office and provide on-site exercise classes for groups of 4-6 people.   The exercises are specific for prevention of back and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting and poor posture.  With the class being in an office environment where space is limited, the exercises are designed for either sitting or standing at a desk.   The class is led by a chartered physiotherapist specialising in work-related pain and rehabilitative exercise.

How does it work?

There are 2 options how the classes can be implemented

Individual Classes - classes can be booked on an as needed basis a week in advance.

Exercise Courses - A course of 10 twenty minute classes run over 10 consecutive weeks.  Exercises are tailored accordingly to the participants' progress.

What conditions is it used for?

  • Those whose job require them to sit for prolonged periods of time
  • Those wanting to learn how to prevent back/neck pain



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