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Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic in Co. Monaghan
Focused Treatment for focused Individuals

  Medico-Legal Services  

What is it?

Personal Injury Lawyers and Insurers are now required to consider rehabilitation at the beginning of every claim.  This is recommended through the Code of Best Practice on Rehabilitation.   However, in order for rehabilitation to be most effective, it must be started as soon as possible after the injury.  Unfortunately, with the waiting lists in the current healthcare system, patients are often not seen soon enough and consequently fail to get people back to work.
Physioworks Physiotherapy has the expertise, knowledge and skills to provide a comprehensive and effective service in rehabilitating people back to their normal and life and work.   We use a biopsychosocial approach, based on scientific research to rehabilitate people at any stage - including helping those who have tried other treatment and interventions without success.

How does it work?

Our service includes:

  • Physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • Tailor-made Return-to-Work Rehabilitation Programme
  • Advice to Personal Injury Lawyers looking to gain further medical insight with regards to their client's injuries.
  • A cost effective and comprehensive medico-legal reporting service - Physiotherapists are musculoskeletal experts and are fully qualified to produce medico-legal reports within their scope of practice.  As a result they are often better placed than medical doctors and consultants to provide such reports. 
  • Our reports are produced within 1 week of seeing the patient and include:
    1. Subjective and objective results of the musculoskeletal assessment highlighting any areas of abnormality.
    2. The extent of functional disability and the impact this has on the patient's work and leisure activities
    3. A prognosis of the patient's condition and whether further progress is expected
    4. Whether the patient would be appropriate for further rehabilitation
    5. Whether further rehabilitation would be of benefit to the patient and if a better prognosis could be achieved as a result

What conditions is it used for?

For Insurers or Personal Injury Lawyers looking for effective rehabilitation and management of their injured clients.

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