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Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic in Co. Monaghan
Focused Treatment for focused Individuals

  Pre-Skiing Assessment  

What is it?

A 30 minute ski-specific assessment designed specifically to address:

  • Balance deficits
  • Any old/persistent injuries
  • Any areas of muscle weakness and/or tightness

We will give you an individually designed exercise programme based on the results of your assessment which could include balance re-education exercises, stretches, core-stability training, and muscle retraining and strengthening.  Injury prevention advice will also be included.

All our physiotherapists specialise in exercise rehabilitationand can provide you with a progressive programme which will target the problems outlined in the assessment.  Your programme will consist of 1:1 physiotherapy sessions and independent use of our rehabilitation gym.

How does it work?

At Physioworks Physiotherapy we believe that prevention is better than cure.  Whilst skiing is a high risk sport for sustaining an injury, the risk can be reduced by fitness preparation programme.  This includes examining any old or persistent injuries, as any weakness or tightness in the area will put you at risk of injury.  Even if you have not had any injuries, preparing your muscles to be as flexible and strong as possible will not only decrease you chance of injury, but also improve your skiing technique.
For the same reasons, we also recommend that you have your balance assessed.  We can detect any problems with balance and provide specific exercises to improve it.

What conditions is it used for?

Skiers of all levels wanting to decrease their chance of being injured and/or want to improve their ski technique.

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