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  Video Movement Analysis  

What is it?

A biomechanical assessment of normal movement patterns and the relationship that a certain part of the body or joint can have on another.  For example, someone with flat feet may develop knee and/or back pain because of the abnormal movement patterns in the feet.

How does it work?

At Physioworks Physiotherapy we use Silicon Coach Software- the latest injury prevention/sports coaching software.  Video analysis provides a visual feedback giving the patient a better understanding of specific problems and techniques and is able to assist with accurate diagnosis.
Basic Assessment: The assessment is carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist and takes 30 minutes and includes the filming and verbal feedback identifying problem areas. Cost: £48

Full Assessment: A full video movement analysis assessment will consist of a 1 hour session with a Chartered Physiotherapist identifying problems, correcting technique, suggested exercises and preventative advice. Included in this session is a CD of your assessment. Cost: £96

What conditions is it used for?

Following injury, a biomechanical assessment is necessary to evaluate the effect of faulty movement patterns and to assess whether they are the cause of injury

Any athletes looking to improve their sporting performance and technique.  Our Running Analysis Package is ideal for those wishing to improve their running ability.

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