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Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic in Co. Monaghan


  Work-related Injury Prevention & Management  

What is it?

The advancement of telecommunications and computer technology results in many employees sitting essentially motionless for most of their working day in front of computers.  This prolonged sitting, normally in a poor and unsupported position, causes excessive strain on muscles and ligaments which in turn leads to pain, stiffness and fatigue.  This problem is so significant that each year Irish businesses lose nearly 1 million working days through ill health. Over half of these are due to back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Ergonomics aims to prevent such injuries from occurring by ensuring that a person can work in a position that places minimum stress and tension through their joints, muscles and nerves, resulting in a reduction in the risk of developing work-related pain.

How does it work?

At Physioworks, we have Chartered Physiotherapists with specialised post-graduate training in Ergonomics.   They have expert knowledge in ergonomics, and are specialists in understanding how the body reacts to work, how muscles, bones and joints move, and how injuries and pain can occur.   Applying this knowledge while assessing how you sit, work and interact with your working environment (on-site work station assessments) means that we can identify the potential risks which may be contributing to your pain or discomfort.  We can provide the necessary treatment, help, and advice on how to reduce these risks which could include changing the position of accessories such as your keyboard or mouse, advising on a better design of chair, and postural training and education.

What conditions is it used for?

At Physioworks, we specialise in the treatment of those working and living in the north east of Ireland.  This means that many people come to us with work-related pain as a result of their jobs which require them to sit for prolonged periods of time, be it working at a computer, at meetings, or undertaking extensive travel. 

We believe the most effective long-term solution to these conditions is to solve the underlying cause and incorporate the assessment of patients work and home lifestyles into their treatment.  We recommend that all patients with pain resulting from prolonged poor sitting at work have an on-site work station assessment.

1. On-site Work Station Assessment

One of our Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Ergonomics will visit your office to assess you in your work environment.  The assessment will take approximately one hour and include:

  • Obtaining an understanding of what your job entails and examining how you sit, work and interact whilst performing your job role.
  • A full risk assessment and addressing how your symptoms (if any) are aggravated with certain job tasks.
  • Taking specific objective measurements and performing a Health & Safety compliance check.
  • Making any necessary adjustments to work-station furniture and equipment that can be done simply at the time for example increasing the height of the chair, and/or moving the position of the telephone on the desk.
  • Providing postural recommendations and training specific to individual work-station set-up.

After the assessment, a detailed report will be presented to the patient and a copy sent to their employer (with patient consent).  It is a comprehensive report comprising all the findings of assessment and associated recommendations and plans.  Our physiotherapist, if required, can liaise directly with the employer to advise and assist in the purchase of any furniture and equipment.
Total Cost:  Please email us at gn@gnphysioworks.com for more information.)

2. On-site Work Station Review

This is a less detailed but less costly version of the On-site Work Station Assessment.  It is designed for people not currently experiencing work-related pain or employers wanting to ensure that they are meeting their Health & Safety requirements or where (for example) there has been a change of office furniture in a department.  The review takes approximately 30 minutes and includes:

  • Obtaining an understanding of what your job entails and looking at how you sit, work and interact whilst performing these duties.
  • A full risk assessment and addressing how your symptoms (if any) are aggravated with certain job tasks.
  • Performing a Health & Safety compliance check.

The completed check list will be given to the patient and a copy given to their employer (with the patient's consent).  This details any Health and Safety issues discovered and recommendations for changes to the workstation layout and job task design.
Total Cost:  Please email us at gn@gnphysioworks.com for more information.)

3. On-site Health & Safety Presentations

This is a 1 hour presentation on 'Preventing Pain in the Office' and is designed to meet employers' requirements of providing their staff with yearly Health and Safety training.  The presentation is led by a Chartered Physiotherapist and designed for groups of 8-10 people.  It is an interactive and informative teaching session.  For more further information please email us at gn@gnphysioworks.com.

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