Strength & Conditioning

Whether you’re new to exercise, training for an event, or looking to beat a personal best, our S&C Coaches can help.

Your first session with a Strength & Conditioning Coach will include a review of your previous training history and injury status. They will carry out a movement assessment to identify any joint restrictions, areas of muscle weakness or overactivity. Fitness testing may also be used to set appropriate goals. 

The S&C Coach will take your current work, life and training pattern into account and use your desired outcome and training goals to develop a personalised programme. 

At subsequent sessions, the S&C Coach will take you through your unique programme, reviewing and refining it as you progress.

What our S&C Coaches can help with:

  • Personalised training programmes
  • Fitness assessment & monitoring
  • Strength training
  • High-end rehabilitation
  • Help keep you injury resistant
  • Improve your ability to resist illness or ailments
  • Improve and optimise performance