Toilet training

Toilet training can for some be a very long and stressful journey for the parent/carer and child.  Some children can be more difficult to toilet train than others.  Children are all unique and therefore it is important that they receive an individualised assessment for their readiness to toilet train.  Some children may never show obvious signs of readiness to toilet train.  It is crucial that they receive an assessment to put in place a plan to help them.

There may be an underlying bowel or bladder reason why the child is struggling to toilet train.  Modern nappies are so good at keeping the child dry that they have no awareness of when they are wet therefore not knowing the signs that they need to pee.

We believe that most children can be toilet trained but there are some who will not achieve this skill.  We appreciate that some children are more complex and may take longer.  We believe that every child deserves an assessment and trial of a plan to help them on their journey to toilet training.