Treatment Before & After Surgery

What is it?

At Physioworks Physiotherapy we believe that it is important to prepare you mentally as well as physically for surgery.  Treatment will therefore consist of educating you about your up-coming surgery so you know what to expect and after surgery restoring joint movement, muscle strength and any limb swelling.  We try and ensure you are treated by the same physiotherapist pre- and post operatively, implementing the rehabilitation protocols set by your surgeon.

How does it work?

Pre-operative treatment is beneficial because as a rule, the better you are before surgery, the better you will be after surgery.  If you have good muscle strength beforehand it is easier to regain movement and further improve strength afterwards.

Post-operatively, you and your physiotherapist will work on a progressive programme of manual therapy and exercise to enable you to return to sport or normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.  At Physioworks, exercise rehabilitation is a key component to the effective management of your care.  In conjunction with the 1:1 treatment sessions with your physiotherapist, we actively promote the self-management of your condition through home exercise programmes.

What conditions is it used for?

  • Anyone needing help restoring movement, muscle strength and general function following a fracture.
  • Anyone preparing for or had any orthopaedic surgery such as:
    • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
    • Knee arthroscopies and meniscal and ligament repairs
    • Total hip or knee replacements
    • Shoulder Surgeries - i.e. rotator cuff repairs
    • Foot and ankle surgeries - i.e. Achilles tendon repairs.